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Name Condition Additional info
Battle Clash CIB  
Donkey Kong Country L Poor condition
Donkey Kong Country L Double
FIFA International Soccer L  
F-Zero L  
Judge Dredd L  
Kirby's Ghost Trap L Poor condition
Lethal Weapon L  
Mickey Mania L  
Nintendo Scope 6 L  
Pit-Fighter L  
RoboCop 3 L  
Starwing L  
Starwing L  
Super Bomberman 2 L  
Super Bomberman 3 L  
Super Mario All-Stars L  
Super Mario World L  
Super R-Type L  
Super R-Type L Double
Super Smash TV L  
Tetris Attack CIB  
The Hunt for Red October L  
The Lawnmower Man L  
Unirally L  
Yoshi's Cookie L USA-version


Name Condition Additional info
Super Game Boy CIB  
Pro Universal Adapter L  
Nintendo Scope CIB  

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