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GArphics is a program which generates random set of mathematical functions and draws images based on those functions, it then uses genetic algorithm (with the help of the user) to generate more variations and new images.

The basic principle on GArphics is that first a function z=f(x,y) is randomly generated and then the value z is calculated for every pixel on the target image. Values are then scaled to 24-bit integers and converted to colour. In an essence, a graph of the function is drawn.

On the program, user has the ability mutate and cross the functions and in this way search for more pleasing images with genetic algorithm. User can also save the function to XML-file and again load it back for processing again later. It is also possible to modify some of the parameters affecting genetic algorithm, save pictures to bitmaps and generate animations based on the functions.

The program, source-code and a set of example-images have been published under the GNU General Public License version 2. They can be downloaded from the projects page in Codeplex:

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